Old Photo Sleeves, Part 1

I’ve recently been spending some time scanning and archiving the rather-large set of photographic negatives and prints, along with other materials, that I inherited from my grandparents and father. Among the more-interesting items are the sleeves that the prints and negatives were returned to the customer by the photo labs after processing. Below are a few that I’ve archived so far.

Cheetah Photo is a bit of a mystery to me…I can’t seem to find any reference to it online, but my best guess is that it was a local photo lab in East Texas as that’s where the negatives that were in this sleeve were shot (and where I grew up).


Many of you might remember Eckerd Drugs. This chain went out of business in 2007, but their photo lab was pretty popular. This sleeve seems to be from when someone ordered new prints from negatives that they already had.

Fox Photo was a chain that was probably best-known for their small photo pick-up/drop-off huts in parking lots across America:

Fox hung on, somehow, until 2001, but I assume that some locations were converted to Taco Huts:

And, as a bonus, here some Fox Photo coupons that are probably no-longer valid:

Featured Image By Chase Yi

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