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Last Friday, I posted about a little movie-related art project I’d been working on, wherein I’d taken every tenth frame of 127 Hours, compressed it to one pixel wide, then stacked these resulting columnar images into one linear representation of the movie:

In the post, I wrote about how I’d been “thinking about what it might look like presented as individual frames arranged in a giant grid in one image, perhaps each frame‚Äôs average color making up one pixel of the overall image”, but that this would present significantly more technical challenges than what I ended up doing, deferring my initial idea to a “rainy weekend”.  Well, this last weekend wasn’t rainy in Addison, but I did have an “a-ha moment” and figured out an easy way to do, in code, what I wanted.  After a couple of hours of recompressing the movie’s frames into 1px by 1px images (and, this time, using roughly all 166918 frames rather than each tenth frame, I’d succeeded.  I now had a final image that, viewed from left to right, top to bottom, was a representation of the entire movie in one image.  And it’s, in my opinion, much more interesting than the first attempt.  What do you think?

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