My Most-Interesting Photos of 2016*

*according to Flickr’s Interestingness algorithm

As I’ve done at the end of the year in the past, here are the Top 10 “Most Interesting” Photos that I took (and posted) in 2016.

Chasing Reflections
Oh Illinois
The Silos Under the Dark Sky
Blue, It Seems
Under the Yellow Sentinel
Texas Structure
Under the Tall Pines
Into the Dark Sky

The misfortunate side-effect of ranking a year’s photos this way is that it’s entirely possible that I shot some photos this year that are better than these but have not yet posted them. I post a new photo every day on my photoblog at and invite and encourage you to check in periodically to see even more great photos. You can also view a Flickr album of my 250 Most-Interesting Photos of all time here. Stay tuned for an exciting 2017!

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