Fun with Galactica*

*Not the Battlestar

Meta (aka Facebook aka Privacy-Violators, Inc.) recently released a new AI called Galactica that purports to be trained on “humanity’s scientific knowledge”. I thought I’d throw some random prompts at it to see what kind of Wiki articles it generated.

  1. Taco Dollars. I imagined Taco Dollars to be a unit of currency based on tacos with an exchange rate that fluctuated based on the relative holdings of the Federal Taco Reserve (in the US) and the Bolsa de Tacos (in Mexico) combined with the demand for tacos by the public.

  2. Meat Phones. In my head, meat phones were a H.R. Giger-esque abomination that combined meat with the telephone.

  3. MacBook Fever. I thought this was what Foxconn employees in Shenzhen got from exposure to the fine aluminum particles thrown off by the milling machines creating the MacBook chassis. I was wrong.

  4. William Shatner Disease seems like it should be the inability to complete a sentence without taking an unnecessary…dramatic…pause, but it seems that Shatner doesn’t actually suffer from this malady.

  5. Snoochie Boochies. I always wondered what Jay from the View Askewniverse was referring to when saying his catchphrase. Who knew it was in reference to an obscure Porky Pig cartoon?

  6. And, finally, I can assure you that this is not correct.

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