The 2014 75Central Photography Year-End Recap

Last year, I posted a year-end recap for 2013, so I decided to continue this year with a 2014 year-end recap.

  • We made it to seven years of daily photos on 75CentralPhotography.Com. In fact, the photo for January 2nd, 2015, is the 2,700th photo shared without a day missed since we started in 2007. Crazy, eh?
  • I continued my switch to the mirrorless micro four-thirds format, investing in a few new lenses and a tiny Lumix GM-1 as a back-up body/pocket camera.
  • Travel this year was a bit lighter than 2013, a result of a few day job changes on my part (the company I’d been working for for over 9 years sold out and massive layoffs followed. I floated around a bit, but luckily landed a great job working for my manager from my original job). That said, I did make it to Chicago, Minneapolis and Las Vegas this year, so not a complete loss.
  • And, like last year, here are 2014’s top 10 photos (as decided by Flickr’s mysterious “Interestingness” algorithm):

Marina City
The Yellow Bull
The Arch Under the Cloudy Sky
Four Blackbirds
The Lamp’s Shadow
Winter Trees
The Rickety Old Barn
The Flight Helmet
The Chain and Shadow

Questions? Comments? Concerns?