Yet More Stupidity

Remember THX? I’d kind of forgotten about it since I hadn’t seen it’s intro at the beginning of a movie in a long time, but, as things tend to do, it suddenly popped into my head the other night.

A Youtube video led me to a brief history and fate of THX:

Spoiler alert: It’s still around, but more-focused on gaming now

One thing that that video brought up was that, apparently, it was somewhat-common for kids to be scared of the THX Deep Note. Which I thought was weird, but whatever. Kids get scared of a lot of things. Like the Daleks, despite looking like salt shakers with toilet plungers stuck to them:

On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed the Deep Note. That slow rise and deep bass would, in a good theatre, send little shivers down my spineā€”a bit of ASMR before ASMR was a thing.

The Simpsons did a nice parody of the THX intro in 1994 in the episode “Burn’s Heir”:

And the excellent podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz did a great two-parter on the history of the Deep Note (1 & 2).

But, having thought about the Deep Note for the first time in a while, I wondered what would it be like if it went on for an overly-long amount of time. So I decided to find out. And, once I’d found out, I had to share.

Featured Image By Denisse Leon

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