Twelve Months – Twelve Photos

For my year-end wrap up this year I’ve done something a bit different.

Below are the “Most Interesting” photos from each month as determined by Flickr’s Interestingness algorithm. While a bit-flawed in that I may have not yet published the truly-most-interesting photo for a given month, it’s nonetheless interesting to see how Flickr’s algorithm ranked my photos.


A dead leaf, swept by the wind into a chainlink fence at Tyler, Texas’ Pollard Park.


Railroad tracks lead into the distance in Fort Worth, Texas’ historic Stockyards district.


A spider clings to a twig on a vine-wrapped branch of a tree in Dallas’ Great Trinity Forest.


The sun rises over the Straits of Florida as seen from the cruise ship Carnival Magic.


Interior detail of the rotunda and dome of the Texas State Capitol, Austin.


Concrete aggregate blocks form a path through the Active Pool at the Philip Johnson-designed Fort Worth Water Gardens in the south end of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas.


A matte-black 1972 Dodge Charger sits atop a canted concrete platform as part of sculpture Richard Phillips’ collaboration with Playboy. Originally sited in Marfa, Texas, the sculpture now resides at the Dallas Contemporary.


An abstract view of an exterior edge of Downtown Dallas’ Renaissance Tower as its mirrored windows catch the early morning sun.


A panoramic view of San Francisco’s Financial District and Telegraph Hill on a cloudy day, as seen from Pier 7 along the Embarcadero.


The newly-repaired sign of the long-closed Tyler Theater in Downtown Tyler, Texas, reaches into the early-evening sky.


Fort Worth’s tallest residential building—The Tower—rises into the cloudy, rain-laden North Texas sky.


A liftboat transits Bolivar Roads just off the coast of Galveston, Texas, as the sun rises over the Gulf of Mexico.

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