Received this scammer email this morning:

Hi, my name is Tommy Crowe . I have been to you website!! My fiancé, Mike and I will be getting married soon in the area.. We are considering a small family function w upto 80 ppl invited. We are looking for a package list which includes 6 hours of Photographer’s time and talent, Online Viewing gallery and with DVD of all wedding images. With this been a small sized wedding, I will want everything exclusive of the engagement/ bridal the session. Please see below..

  • 6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • High Resolution Disk of Wedding Images
  • Online Viewing
  • Event location: Colorado

Date- Saturday, JANUARY 27th. 2024. Time- 2 pm. If you would just get back with the exact pricing quote to discuss in further detail. Thank you.

Tommy Crowe.


Thank you for emailing. Since this is a small size wedding, I wanted to reply back QUICKLY confirming the items we have asked in the wedding package. Below pls.

  • 6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
  • DVD of images
  • Online Viewing. We simply want an event Coverage of our Wedding Preparation, Ceremony and Reception to be taken at the address is.9377 Marin Way
    Gulf Shores, Alabama(AL), 36542 .This is is considered a small family function w- upto 80 ppl invited..We are currently in Quebec visiting family and friends, as well planning from here. I am physically impaired (Hearing). So most of the details would most likely be sent via email prior to us meeting for consultation. if you would like to work with us. We can work out the details via email and meet upon getting back home to the states to sort out the final details and times. A quick question though, would you be sending us something like an email agreement knowing for sure you have availability on Saturday, 01/27th/2024. Start time is 2:00 PM? Please get back to me soon so I know you are blocking the date for us. Do you accept cashier check that is only way I can make the payment if you do please text me back I really don’t want you to disappoint me thank you.


Obvious scam is obvious. The big red flags are:

  1. Poor grammar.
  2. They claim to “have been to you website!!”. Well, Tommy, if you had been to “me website”, then you’d know that I don’t do weddings. Or any kind of portraiture.
  3. “Small family function” and 80 attendees don’t mesh in my mind.
  4. Making a big assumption here, but if you’re Tommy and your fiancé is Mike, I assume this is two men marrying, which I fully support, but then you mention a bridal session. (Or, since you can’t use proper grammar, a “bridal the session”.
  5. You say that the event location is in Colorado (way to narrow it down to a whole huge state), but then later give a location in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Incidentally, this location is a single-family home, which might be a bit of a squeeze for a ceremony and reception for 80 people.
  6. Finally, payment via a cashier check is huge red flag. My guess here, Tommy, is that you’ll send me a fake cashiers check for some amount over the quoted amount and then claim it was a mistake and ask me to send back the difference. Meanwhile, I’ve deposited the check and my bank has made the funds available to me within a day or so, so I happily refund you. A few weeks later, once the issuing bank has informed my bank that it’s a fake check, my bank claws back the money from me and closes my account for fraud, so now I’m out that difference and have to find a new bank that will let me bank with them even though I have a record of fraud.

Don’t fall for scams, guys.

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