Quick post today to just mention that your eyes haven’t lied to you and that [robotSprocket] is currently undergoing a bit of a redesign.

The bulk of the redesign went live last week and simplifies the site, makes it easier to edit as we1 now can properly use WordPress’ Gutenberg editor rather than the old, clumsy, third-party block editor we used previously and the reduced overhead should make load times faster, as well as remove a lot of clutter.

Unfortunately, the redesign has broken some parts of older articles, so we’re patching those as we find them, but if you come across anything that can best be described as “wonky”, please shoot us an email at feedback(at)


  1. This is, of course, the royal “we” as [rS] is a one-man operation.
  2. Is this how we’re supposed to do @ symbols in email addresses to prevent bots from scraping them?
Featured Image By Med Badr Chemmaoui

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