Old Works, Rediscovered.

So, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from writing lately. Or doing anything, really, besides working and other, non-online type things. That said, I thought I’d share a bit of not-so-great art today.

As you’re probably not aware of, my beloved iPad Pro finally died on me recently, due to an unfortunate accident involving one of my dogs stepping on it and shattering the screen.

That said, I replaced it with a newer model and revisited Procreate as I wanted to get back into drawing/sketching/creating and found an old piece I did a few years ago and thought “hey, this is content, let’s share it…”

It’s not great. I don’t have a lot of artistic talent. But I thought I’d share and let you judge me…

Interesting sidenote: If you don’t charge your Apple Pencil for several months, the battery degrades and becomes unchargeable, so make sure you top yours off fairly-often if you happen to have one.

Featured Image By Anna Kolosyuk

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